BCA 2017-2018

May 31st - May 31st, 2018

$150 - $350

Believers Chapel Academy is an Educational Co-Op that provides support and direction for Home Schooling Families in this area. It enables these families to participate in shared services (especially special area classes), shared activities/events, course offerings, field trips, and other opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience.

We offer full record keeping services to home educating families, as well as a “Friday School” option, where our students will meet each Friday of the school year for classes (such as Band/Music, Art, Drama, Chorus, Consumer Science, and/or PE Club). We uphold Christian standards and encourage parental involvement and supervision of all activities.


Ladies Bible Study

September 7th - December 16th, 2017


Join the ladies of BC as we fellowship together and dig deeper into the Word of God!

Study begins on:

Thursday, September 7th | 9am | Olean YMCA

Saturday, September 9th | 10am | BC West (2522 W Five Mile Rd, Allegany)


September Baptism 2017

September 17th, 2017

If you are interested in being baptized or learning more about what it means, please sign up and fill out the Questionnaire. Believers Chapel Baptism Service will be held on Sunday September 17th following the 11:00am service at the Firemans Park in Allegany, NY.